Rakaman Bila Buaya Laut Bertemu Buaya Sungai. Apa Jd Amat MENGEJUTKAN


Sebuah video rakaman dari sebuah helikopter menjadi viral di laman sosial. Video rakaman tersebut adalah sebuah kejadian yang amat menarik menunjukkan apa yang jadi bila buaya laut (saltwater crocodile) bertemu dengan buaya sungai (freshwater crocodile). Kejadian ini berlaku di Australia.

Dari segi saiz pun dan tau siapa yang akan menang. Buaya laut memang saiz sangat besar berbanding dengan buaya sungai. Sekali gigit terus lembik. Jom tengok video tersebut di bawah. Kalau nak detail lebih lagi boleh baca artikel English selepas video.

Video Pertembungan Buaya Laut dan Buaya Darat Eh Buaya Sungai Hehe

Sumber: IFL Science

The incredible footage of a giant saltwater crocodile chomping down on a small freshwater crocodile was shot by Australian helicopter tour guide operator HeliSpirit. It was filmed last week from a helicopter above lower Ord River in Kununurra, Western Australia.

HeliSpirit posted the video on Facebook last Friday saying: “Lunch time! We all know the Kimberley is a wild place… but take a look at this. HeliSpirit Engineer Lynden James snapped this shot on a maintenance flight with Chief Pilot James Bondfield earlier today – their eyes definitely made a double take at what they saw below!”

Both these species can live in either freshwater or saltwater, despite what their common name suggests. So it’s perhaps not too much of a surprise to see these two impressive beasts come into contact with each other and occasionally clash, as previous research shows.

The freshwater variety is unique to Australia, but saltwater crocs can be found in northern Australia, the eastern coast of India, and throughout many parts of Southeast Asia. Saltwater crocodiles are notoriously aggressive, much more so than their freshwater cousins and most other species of crocodile. They’re also noticeably chunkier in size, as you can see from the video.

All in all, those factors made it a very short fight for the smaller freshwater crocodile.